Jetstream RV Resort at NASA

Texas Two Steppin’ in Houston

Two-step dance lessons in Houston

If you can walk, you can learn the Two-Step, the most popular couples’ dance in Texas. It’s easy and fun. These two folks will show you how…

Grab your partner and practice in your RV or outdoors on your patio. Now that you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to find a bigger place to dance, like our Beer Garden…

Two Step Dance Lessons Houston | RV Resort Houston

No reservation is needed at the Jetstream Beer Garden!

No need to go anywhere when you can bring a cooler full of beer, your boombox, and your dance partner and hang out in our Beer Garden under the moon and stars. Dance with your sweetheart and get great exercise too! Cold beer and mild autumn weather are all you need for casual outdoor fun. Plus! There’s a full moon on October 31st! Ow-oooooooooooo!

There’s more to Jetstream at NASA than the Beer Garden…
  • The swimming pool is OPEN
  • Gas & charcoal grills
  • Outdoor fire pit & pergola
  • Dog park & bath station for your dear little furry friend
  • Nature trails and so much more
Meanwhile, back at the RV

So, are you plum tuckered out from all that fancy dancin’? Time to relax with the greatest Texas two-step movie of all time…

Urban Cowboy – 1980:

John Travolta stars as a Texas oil refinery worker by day. At night, he trades his hard hat for a Stetson and heads to Houston’s most popular dance club, where he meets a pretty two-stepper and they make sizzlin’ movie history. We have great WiFi, so look for it on And if the ‘bug’ ever goes away, we’ll tell you where the famous dance spots are so you can do it John Travolta-style too!

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Pack your dancing boots and Book Now!