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Outdoors Activities Are BIG in Houston

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the Great Outdoors. Summer might be winding down, but nature is just getting started. Plenty of things to see and do, including great stuff right here at Jetstream RV Resort at NASA.

Have you noticed that summer is hot? Well, we have a big, beautiful, resort-style swimming pool. Plunge in! Relax with a couple of ice-cold adult beverages in our beer garden and BBQ patio while you plan your next outdoor adventure.

Outdoors Activities in Houston | Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Activities in Houston
The Houston Zoo

The Zoo is open! Take a ride on the Wildlife Carousel, explore the World of Primates and Bear’s Pathways, and cool off in one of our air-conditioned buildings, like the Reptile & Amphibian House, the Bug House, and the Gorilla Building. See the Zoo’s Health & Safety policy, plan your visit, and get your tickets here.

Batty for Bats

Speaking of animals, one of Houston’s best-kept secrets is the bat population. The Waugh Bridge Bat Colony consists of Mexican free-tailed bats that emerge nightly to stretch their wings and feed on area insects.

Viewing the bat emergence can be one of the most amazing experiences in nature. Please be “bat friendly” and enjoy watching the bats without causing harm to the bats or yourself.

  • Please sit or stand several feet away from the bridge during the emergence to give the bats plenty of room to fly. Please do not stand under the bridge during the emergence.
  • Bats prefer the dark, especially when first emerging from their bridge crevices. Do not use flashlights or camera flashes during the emergence.
  • Loud voices can alter the bats’ emergence behavior. Please be considerate by keeping noise levels down. Please supervise your children and pets.
  • Please do not throw objects at flying or roosting bats.
  • Do not touch or pick up a grounded bat for any reason. If the bat is on the ground, it may be a young bat still learning to fly, or it may be ill. Grounded bats will bite in self-defense.

The Waugh Bridge Bat Colony is only 13 miles to the Northwest on I-45. Take the car unless you really enjoy a looong bike ride.

Boulder Climbing

Enjoy authentic outdoor mountain climbing…indoors! The Silver Street location at Momentum Indoor Climbing is unique because it’s a bouldering-only gym, and they claim that it’s the largest in the country! Yep, that means no harnesses are necessary – just shoes, chalk, and a sense of grit.


Houston’s vast network of slow-moving creeks, known as bayous, have given it the nickname the ‘Bayou City’. Buffalo Bayou is more than 50 miles long and meanders through the entire length of the city. Kayaking through the lush greenery of Memorial Park and the elite neighborhood of River Oaks gives you a breathtaking view of downtown.

Still have a bit of energy after all those outdoor adventures? C’mon back to Jetstream RV Resort at NASA and take your doggie for a little run on our nature trail and dog run before tucking yourself into your own RV bed. Nitey-nite!

Stay Safe

We care about you! Please keep yourself and your friends, family, and neighbors as safe as possible by practicing the recommended social distancing and face-covering health guidelines when enjoying Houston indoors and out during this time.

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