Jetstream RV Resort at NASA

No space? No problem! How to Exercise in Your RV

Limited area attractions don’t have to mean endless days of Netflix and snack foods. A regular dose of travel exercise will have great effects on your physical and mental well-being.

Luckily for you, we have great ways to keep fit right here at Jetstream RV Resort at NASA. Try our fully –equipped Rec Center with free weights and up-to-the-minute exercise equipment. Play around with your doggie in the dog park or take a hike on our verdant nature trail. Dive into the pool.

Or, you can certainly invest in a gym membership. Many gyms have nationwide chains and you can use your card all over the country.

But what about exercising in the RV? Even if your home on wheels doesn’t have its own running track, you can still utilize the space you do have to maintain your physique or even improve it. Try these exercises and really feel the burn…

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Resistance Bands

Little teeny resistance bands are easy to store and you can work out in only a few feet of floor space. Try classic moves like clam shells, front squats and lateral band walks. Your thighs will let you know it’s working.

Stability Ball

This great big blue ball can be deflated when not in use and blown back up again when you are ready to use it. Great for abs and glutes.

Jump rope

Yep…just like you used to do in grade school. You can get a jump rope just about anywhere. Excellent for cardio and coordination. All the great boxers jump rope, you can too.

Exercise Bike

Believe it or not, these indispensable fitness devices can be folded up and stowed away. Watch TV or listen to music while you work out.

Don’t buy anything

Classic moves like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, lunges and jumping-jacks can be done anywhere. Guess what? They work.

Regardless of how you do it, make sure to keep moving while you’re exploring the world in your RV. You’ll thank yourself when you’re strong and healthy enough to keep on adventuring for years to come.

And now that you’re all pumped up, including your button-pushing fingers, click to reserve or call us right now and reserve your next stay at Jetstream RV Resort at NASA.